In the most recent update of this article about Judi Online, we’ve added several new sections to make it more informative than before. You’ll now find a section on calculating return to player on any particular casino game (spoiler alert: you can’t do that with 100% precision). The explanation of house edge and volatility was also expanded upon and the difference between high and low volatility slots was further distinguished along with gameplay tips in each case. To make the Iconwin guide more practical, a few examples of casino games with their Judi Online rates were added, and a conclusion sums it all up at the end for a quick reference at any time.


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If you often read how to play slots, slot guide articles and reviews, then you’ve probably come across the Iconwin acronym before. Judi Online means, as you may know, the return to player rate of a slot. This is normally represented as a percentage, yet if you don’t fully understand what the numbers mean then today’s your lucky day!

In this high Iconwin Judi Online guide, we’ll have return to player explained. More than that, we’ll tell how Iconwin percentage affects gameplay and how you can make sure that you’re getting the most from the slots you play. We’ll be looking at at, what a good return player Iconwin may be, what slots house edge means and how knowing more about all of this will make winning at slots easier.


What Is Iconwin In Judi Online ?

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One of the most frequent questions we get is what is a Judi Online Iconwin. The answer requires more than one sentence. Iconwin return to player or similar terms can mean several things and there’s no single Iconwin Judi Online definition. What does Iconwin stand for in gaming at casinos specifically, though? Simply put, it represents the rate at which you’ll receive your money back… sort of.

Casino RTP rate is the percentage of total wins, over the total stakes played. This equally applies to everything from old Iconwin casino games to the new and best RTP online slots. However, it’s theoretical. This means that what you win at slots is calculated over a extended period of play, and doesn’t represent what happens each time the game is played. For example, if a slot has a 95% Iconwin , 5p loss and 95p win isn’t what you should expect on average per £1 you wager.

This is because sometimes, your 95p could be going towards somebody else’s win, or somebody else’s stake could be contributing to the £50 you’ve just cashed in. Each Judi Online game has a payout that’s not evenly distributed. If it was, we’d be paying 5p to play rather than gambling. Besides, if the Iconwin  in gaming was fixed to each spin, who would even play knowing they were losing out?


How To Calculate Return to Player?

The beauty of gambling is in the uncertainty; the idea that for your £1, you could be taking five other players’ 95ps and winning £4.75. An RTP is a measure of all the games played by all players, pooled together. So, for example, if you take home £250 from a £10 session, you’ can calculate Judi Online at 2500%, yet this means that many other players probably have experienced an RTP lower than the advertised percentage to cover for your better Judi Online.

In various return to player percentage pictures, you may see that even good slots yield different returns on every single turn. In theory, this should equal the official RTP player is sometimes provided with. More often than not, though, no such info is given. You can be sure that even highest RTP slots return less than 100%, even if a game claims most sure wins potential.

Other than that, slot RTP calculation isn’t just tricky, but practically impossible. You may take a calculated guess by keeping track of your bets and winning at the slots, but it’s only going be an approximation. That’s because the theoretical payout may not be realised in any particular number of spins and you can’t take into account the spins other people have made beforehand.


So, Why Should You Pay Attention To A Game’s Iconwin ?

Reading above, you may be tempted to think that if a game’s RTP isn’t even representing your gameplay, then why consider it at all?

Well, if you look at the flipside of an RTP, it shows the ‘house edge’. Every mobile casino has a house advantage or house edge explained as their profit on each game, even if the game is called a sure win slot. Naturally, casinos wouldn’t be able to stick around if they didn’t make a little something from RTP gaming.

House Edge

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House edge is the exact opposite of the RTP. So, for example, if a slot offers a 96% RTP, this means it also has a 4% house edge. It’s the percent you’ll theoretically lose to the house.

These figures are useful if you want to see if you’re playing high payout slots and want to find the highest RTP slot. Whilst either of these numbers won’t predict what happens in the short term (as you probably know, anything can happen in the short term), they do predict the long term results of the game and ultimately, show how much of a sure win casino you’re gambling at.

A sure win mobile slot should offer no less than a 94% RTP. Any slot under this amount is probably just a money grabber, yet in recent years we’ve also seen the rise of slots which alter their RTP based around how long you play. These kind of slots are the type that may offer ‘levels’ as a feature. The more you play, the higher level you reach in the game, the higher the RTP rises. If you play long sessions, these are the best slots to win on.


Is A High Iconwin Always A Good Thing?

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It would seem fairly obvious then, that as a slots player you should always choose slots with a high RTP and a low house edge. However, this isn’t always the case as sometimes players need to consider the slot’s volatility (or variance) too. Volatility refers to the risk slots inherently possess. Broadly speaking, low volatility slots will pay out frequent small amounts, whilst high volatility slots will pay out large sums once in a while.

High Volatility

High volatility slots will often have a lower Judi Online (or a higher house edge), but this isn’t to say there’s no good to go slot with a high variance. On the contrary, that’s what slots win the most as they offer much bigger wins than regular games and top RTP slots. However, you also run the risk of spinning for quite a while without any substantial rewards on these games.

This is because your 95p (if we consider the example used above) is being stored up by the slot to create one huge payout. As mentioned earlier, you have no way of knowing if you’ll receive the money or another player will. This considered, it’s generally ok for these slots to have a lower RTP; highly volatile slots often offer an RTP of around 94% but some games can go as low as 92%.

Low Volatility

On the other hand, low volatility slots are among the highest win rate casino games and will boast a higher RTP for most sure win potential. However, as you can probably guess by now, better stakes also mean lower payouts. Low volatility win slots pay out frequently, which makes them perfect for casual gamers or those who want their budget to last longer.

The RTP of these slots is higher as they’re not pooling the money so often. Using the same example as earlier, this means that it’s less likely that your money will go to somewhere else.


How To Win At Slots With Different Judi Online ?

To figure out how to win on slots the next time you’re at a casino, simply remember the types of variance in slots. A good gameplay is when online slots wagers and RTP correlate, which is easy when you know how to do this the right way (see below).

There is no best time to win at slots online, but there’s always the advantage of knowing the game’s RTP. If it’s low, the game isn’t very lucrative unless it has a high variance. Such games are like high risk casino offers. They’ll either pay you tenfold or leave you barehanded. So you should be ready to lose it all and lose it quickly. And if you win, don’t rush to put it all at stake again.

The best slots RTP likely means that the game has low variance, as we mentioned already. How to play the slots and win when they pay in such small sums? Easy – wait for the bonus rounds. It’s easy to do it with small budgets due to frequent returns, but don’t get carried away either. Asking how much will my bet return after every couple dozen spins is a good way to keep the bankroll in check.